Chimney Sweeping

To book a chimney sweep appointment, call 01273 726 989 or 07742 829 848 or Book Online now.

We charge £55 for a sweep and offer discounts to returning customers. See below for discount details.

Chimney Sweep Appointments include:

  • Visual inspection of the chimney stack, pot and any chimney cowls, from street level
  • Full sweep of the fireplace, flue & stack using appropriately sized brushes and rods
  • Smoke ‘draw’ test to check smoke is being pulled up the flue properly
  • Certificate confirming the sweep has been completed with feedback and comments
  • Clean and tidy the area around the fireplace, removing all soot and debris from the property
  • Loyalty discounts for returning customers
  • Friendly and helpful advice, all included!
Brighton Chimney Sweeps – Prices & Appointment Types

To book call 01273 726 989 or 07742 829 848, or Book Online

Appointment TypeNew CustomerReturning Customer
Single Fireplace£55£50 per fireplace
Multiple Fireplaces£50 for each subsequent fireplace

Brighton Chimney Sweeps – About Us & Our Services

We sweep open fires, wood burning stoves and gas fires and we service private homes, commercial properties, hotels, schools… basically anywhere with a chimney. We are fully insured, professional, diligent and dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We offer advice and support regarding all aspects of your fireplace and chimney, including which type of fuels and appliances are best suited to your needs. We sell fireplace surrounds, seasoned hardwood logs, chimney balloons and more on our online Shop.
Find out more about How We Sweep Chimneys or get in touch today.

Brighton Chimney Sweeps – When & Why You Should Sweep

Whether you are burning wood or coal on an open fire or a stove, you should have your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep at least once a year. Soot and creosote that result from burning different fuels and debris from the brickwork inside your chimney quickly build up and can cause chimney fires and blockages.

If you haven’t used your fire in some time you MUST have it swept before you do. Most people use their fireplaces and stoves only during the colder months of the year. If it is blocked or partially blocked, smoke and other emissions (including deadly fumes like carbon monoxide) may not be able to escape properly up the chimney and they could come back into the room. Find out more about When & Why You Should Sweep

Brighton Chimney Sweeps – Fuel & Appliance Performance

There are a number of different solid fuels available for burning on open fires and stoves including all sorts of wood, ‘ordinary house coal’ and ‘smokeless or eco coal’. Some stoves are designed to be used with specific fuels and you should follow the stove manufacturers instructions.

Ordinary house coal produces the most amount of heat followed by hard woods. Smokeless coal produces the least amount of heat. Wood is often preferred for the experience, it produces more flames and a nicer aroma than coal. Wood is considered to be carbon neutral – burning puts back into the atmosphere what was taken out during growth, whereas burning coal puts a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. There are many types of wood and not all of them are suitable for burning so choosing the right wood is important. Read More

To Book A Professional Chimney Sweep In Brighton & Hove, Get In Touch Today To book a chimney sweep appointment, call us on 01273 726 989 or 07742 829 848. Alternatively you can book online using our simple Online Booking Tool. It is quick and easy to use, you can select the date and time that suits you and pay securely with a debit or credit card via PayPal. Stay safe when using your fire or stove, keep your chimney clean!