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At Brighton Chimney Sweeps as well as sweeping open fires, wood and multi fuel burning stoves and gas fires, we offer advice and support regarding all aspects of your fireplace and chimney.

We get asked all sorts of general questions such as questions about types of wood, damp stains or smoke stains on chimney breasts, hearths and mantels, damage to chimneys and much more. We also get asked specific questions about Chimney Sweeping and as we sell stoves, we get lots of wood burning stove and multi-fuel burning stove questions.

For general questions see the list below, otherwise visit our Chimney Sweeping FAQs page or our Stove Faqs page.
If you can’t find the answer to your question, please submit the form below and we will come back to you asap.

What causes smoke marks just above my fireplace?

Smoke marks just above the fireplace opening are caused by smoke coming back into the room instead of being drawn away up the chimney. This means your chimney is not working properly and as well as staining the wall, gases like carbon monoxide are...

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Why does smoke come into my room?

If smoke comes back into the room when your fire is lit your chimney is not working properly and this means gases like carbon monoxide are entering the room. Carbon Monoxide can cause serious illness and even death so you must get the problem rectified immediately. It...

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What are the stains on my chimney breast?

We often see and hear about homes with yellowy brown damp patches at the top of chimney breasts. The most likely cause of this kind of damp patch or stain is hygroscopic salts in the flue along with creosote and tar. These stains can come and go as moisture levels in...

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