Smoke Control Areas

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The ‘Clean Air Act’ allows Local Authorities to designate Smoke Control Areas within which there are legal restrictions on the use of certain appliances and fuels. There are five Smoke Control Areas in Brighton and they cover much of Hanover, Lewes Road, Bevendean and the city centre. The fuels and appliances restrictions and Brighton’s smoke control areas are shown below. Simply click an option below for more details.
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Brighton & Hove Smoke Control Areas Map

The shaded areas on the map below show the five smoke control areas in Brighton. For an interactive map where you can enter your postcode to see if you are in a smoke control area, visit Brighton & Hove Councils website Smoke Control Areas Map page.

<Brighton & Hove Smoke-Control-Areas-Map

Appliance and Fuel Exemptions

There are Smoke Control Areas across many parts of the UK in which you are not allowed to emit smoke from a chimney unless you are burning an authorised fuel or using an exempt appliance. You can be fined up to £1,000 for non-compliance.

Open Household Fireplaces
In a Smoke Control Area you can only burn approved smokeless fuels. Wood is not an approved fuel in any form (logs, chips, pellets etc).

Wood Burning Stoves, Multi-Fuel Burning Stoves and Boilers
DEFRA (the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) have exempt a number of wood burning stoves as their design significantly reduces the amount of smoke and soot they produce. This means you CAN use a DEFRA Exempt stove in a Smoke Control Area to burn wood.

You can use a non–exempt stove in a smoke control area, but you are restricted to the type of fuel you can burn and this DOES NOT include wood. You are allowed to use an Authorised Fuel but in our experience and from feedback from a number of customers, these smokeless or Eco fuels often do not produce as much heat as wood.

Outside Smoke Control Areas
If you are Not in a Smoke Control Area you are free to use any heating fuel or appliance, as long as you don’t create excessive smoke that could impact your neighbours.

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