Stove Position

At Brighton Chimney Sweeps we sell a range of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel burning stoves, including DEFRA approved stoves for use in smoke control areas. When choosing your wood burning stove or multi-fuel burning stove it is important to make sure the stove will physically fit into the room, exactly where you want it to sit. The information in the tabs below should help you understand the requirements, alternatively call us on 01273 726 989 or 07742 829 848.

Clearance Around Stoves

The most common position for a stove is inside a chimney breast that has been suitably opened up to make room for it. Not all chimney breasts are the same, some are deeper and wider than others. Freestanding stoves require clearance around them to allow air to flow and to ensure the heat the stove produces goes into the room and is not wasted heating up the surrounding walls. Many stove manufacturers will specify the minimum clearances required between the stove and combustible materials.

It is good practice to allow the following distances between the stove and the walls and lintel:

  • Distance from top of stove to lintel / closure plate / register plate – 300mm (12 inches) to allow room for air to flow, elbows (any bends in the flue pipe) and access for a chimney sweep in the case of a register plate
  • Distance at the back of the stove 100mm (4 inches)
  • Distance at the sides of the stove 150mm – (6 inches)
Stoves That Don't Fit In A Chimney Breast Recess

If the stove you want will not fit inside the recess, it could have a flue pipe and liner attached in such a way as to allow it to sit in front of the recess. The following diagrams show various different ways of fitting stove.
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Brighton Chimney Sweeps-Stove-Side-View-Standard-Top-Stove-Pipe
Brighton Chimney Sweeps Stove-Side-View-Standard-Sweeps-Hatch
Brighton Chimney Sweeps Stove-Side-View-Register-Plate-Sweeps-Hatch


Brighton Chimney Sweeps Stove-Side-View-Narrow-Flue-90-bend
Brighton Chimney Sweeps Stove-Side-View-Narrow-Flue-45-bend
Brighton Chimney Sweeps Stove-Side-View-Standard-Rear-Stove-Pipe-Bottom-Soot-Door

The stove must sit on a hearth and the size and thickness of the hearth are governed by building regulations. For stoves sat in a recess, i.e. inside a chimney breast, the hearth must extend out in front of the stove by a minimum of 300mm (12 inches) and it must extend out to either side of the recess opening the stove sits in by 150mm (6 inches). The thickness of the hearth is dependent on the stove and the materials the hearth is made of, you can find more information on this on our Building Regulations page.

For stoves sitting outside of a recess, if the stove has been independently certified not to heat the hearth underneath it to more than 100 degrees centigrade (most stoves are certified to this level and the manufacturer will specify this), then the hearth must be a minimum of 12mm thick non-combustible material. It must be a minimum of 840mm length x 840mm width regardless of the size of the stove. There must be a minimum 150mm of hearth at each side and rear of the stove and a minimum 300mm in front of the stove door.

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