Wood Burners & Multi-Fuel Stoves

At Brighton Chimney Sweeps we sell a range of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel burning stoves, including DEFRA approved stoves for use in smoke control areas. Buy your stove online and we will deliver right across the UK. If you are in Brighton & Hove or the surrounding area we can arrange a full installation by trained and experienced HETAS accredited stove installers.

Before You Choose Your Stove
There are a number of very important factors to consider BEFORE you buy a stove to ensure you buy one that is suitable. We have summarised these factors below and there are links to pages with lots more detail.
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The Range Of Stoves We Supply

We supply stoves from the following manufacturers. As there is such a wide variety and prices can change, we don’t list them on our website. Simply visit the manufacturers websites and let us know which stove you like. We will then get the best price possible for you.

We buy the stoves at trade prices from Bolney Stoves and therefore can offer great discounts against the usual RRP. Bolney have a showroom near Hassocks if you want to have a look before you buy. Their address is:
Bolney Stoves Ltd
The Farmers Stores, Gatehouse Lane
Goddards Green, Near Hassocks
West Sussex, BN6 9LD

Key Factors To Consider BEFORE Buying A StoveThere is more info on each of these factors in the ‘STOVE INFO’ links further below.

1. Heat Output
The key factor is the heat output of the stove, i.e. how much heat you need from the stove to heat the room it will be in. This is measured in Kilowatts (kW) and you can work out the kW output you need using this calculator.

If you buy a stove with an output that is too high for your room, the room will be too hot and you will need to open a window to let cool air in (defeating the object of having a stove!), or you will have to run the stove with less fuel and with all vents closed, reducing the air flow into the stove thereby reducing the heat produced. This is not a good use of the stove as burning a stove under its designed output can produce more soot and tarry deposits which create a greater risk of chimney fires.

2. Position In The Room
Where the stove will sit in the room is important. Stoves requires clearance around them to allow air and heat to circulate properly. This is usually 6 inches to either side and 4 inches to the back of thee stove. If the stove is sitting inside a fireplace and is pressed up against the brickwork, a lot of heat will go into the brickwork and not into the room.

3. Distance from combustibles
There are regulations that govern how near to any combustible material a stove can be placed and stove manufacturers will also specify their own recommendations. This is often 12 inches (30 cm) or more. Brick, stone and plaster are non-combustible but plasterboard can be combustible and wooden batons that plasterboard is often attached too are definitely combustible. Your installer will advise you if they have any concerns regarding combustible materials.

4. Ventilation
Stoves that are bigger than 5kW may require additional ventilation added in the room, e.g. an additional air source such as an air brick to make sure there is an adequate air supply to the stove. This is particularly common in well insulated rooms. Your installer will advise you if they have any concerns regarding ventilation.

5. Lining The Flue
Stoves are designed to work with a liner of a specific diameter, most commonly 6 inch diameter but sometimes 5 or 7 inch depending on the stove. They are not designed to work with a standard brick flue which is usually a 9 x 9 inch square or 12 x 12 inch square – both much bigger than a 6 inch diameter flue. Therefore lining the flue is essential to make sure the stove functions properly. Not lining a flue and therefore using a standard brick flue can result in a much more sluggish burn, lower heat output and more dangerous sooty and tar build up inside the flue.

6. Sweeping
Before installing a liner the flue must be swept to remove any soot build up and make sure the flue is clear.

7. Smoke Control Zones
There are Smoke Control Zones in many cities across the UK, there are 5 in Brighton, where restrictions on what can be burned apply. You must find out if you are in a smoke control zone and if you are only choose a DEFRA Exempt stove.

There is more information on each of these factors in the links below.
Once you have considered these factors and are ready to buy, it really is down to how much you want to spend and what design you like.

To Find Out More About A Stove, Get In Touch Today To find out more about wood burning stoves or multi-fuel burning stoves, call us on 01273 726 989 or 07742 829 848. Have a look at our Wood Burners page for more information and links to more pages related to stoves and their installation. Stay safe when using your fire or stove, keep your chimney clean!